How to Share Wifi ID Network from PC / Laptop to Android

How to Share Wifi ID Network from PC / Laptop to Android

Hello my friends who want to share useful tutorials. On this occasion I would like to share how to share the wifi id network from your PC / laptop to Android, so that enough with one voucher of the wifi ID account can be enjoyed by friends or relatives.
Wifi ID is an internet network with speeds up to 100 Mbps in Indonesia, with a price of Rp 5,000 you can enjoy this network as much as you want for 12 hours.   You can find this network in places that are frequented or usually in the Telkom company itself.

For the price of this network voucher varies according to its duration, if one day the price is Rp. 5,000 and for those of you who want to enjoy this network for one full month with a speed of 100 mbps, you only need to spend Rp. 50,000. But with one voucher that you buy it can only be used for  1 device, so that your friends or relatives can enjoy it with only one voucher you can do it this way.

First you must have the Connectfy Hostpot application, if you don't have it you can download it at www.connectify.me for free. Then after downloading it you install the application first and then reboot your pc / laptop so the application can run. Furthermore, if the PC is already open, open the application, before you must have logged in to your WiFi ID account first, then open the application.

Now if it is open on the internet to share, select the wifi that is being used, because we will share the wifi ID to our friends, then choose the wifi id like in the picture. For network access, leave it routed. You can edit what your hostpot name is in the hostpot-name section, for example I use the name redmi, so that your hostpot is not used by anyone because it can affect the internet speed, then enter your wifi password into the password field, use a hard password that doesn't originate like 123456 so people can not login. If it feels appropriate to the picture please click on the start hostpot, the application will automatically turn on the hostpot with internet access from the wifi.

The picture is the display after your hostpot has been turned on, with the client column we can see which devices are currently using hostpot from our PC. We can also see how much internet usage of each device. Oh yes, if you use the free version of the application, the Hostpot will stop at any time because this is the free version so the usage is limited, but after stopping you can turn it back on by starting Hostpot as before.

This way you can save money and at the same time get the reward for sharing with friends or relatives. If you are disturbed because at any time this application stops you can buy a license so that this application can run effectively but is not efficient because the price is quite expensive around $ 60. However, in my opinion, the free version is not an important issue, we can turn it back on without having to wait if you have to wait, it might be very annoying. 

I think it's quite up to here for a tutorial on how to share the wifi id network from a laptop to some smartphones or Android, hopefully it can be useful for friends.

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