Easy Ways to Make New Yahoo Mail Complete

Easy Ways to Make New Yahoo Mail Complete – Had been a means of electronic mail through the internet that can be used to send and receive messages online much like a post office.

But it’s different from the post office … if you use e-mail from Yahoo we can receive or send messages faster many times to make your e-mail address actually quite simple and easy …we can make it in a very popular service in 2019 which is Yahoo Mail.

Actually there are many other laternatif to create emails get through google, and all it’s free does not require the least cost to the manufacturer is in charge email ..

To register a yahoo email when we have done to make sure fatherly store yahoo email password that we created when first registering ..

the characteristics if you make an email at the yahoo service will have a suffix of addresses such as @ yahoo.com @ yahoo.co.id @ ymail.com and @ gmail.com depending on where we register the email

And that indicates the email tools we make on the site certain..

Create a New Yahoo Email

Below I will explain how the way to make Yahoo email quickly on a computer device, for Yahoo I use yahoo Indonesia so as not to be confused during the cross registration process, follow the steps below:

1. Please visit the following yahoo site  https://login.yahoo.com/account/create  and you will be taken to the new yahoo email registration page menu.

2. Fill in the Yahoo registration form for the registration process.

Data name : In this section there are two choices Frist name (Fill in your first name) and last name (fill in your last name) 

Email address : In this section you must fill in the email address that is used for the yahoo account login (there should be no space when creating it)

Password: Fill in the password that is used to log into your Yahoo account, if you can make it with a combination of large and small letters and numbers to be easily accepted

Date of Birth: Just fill in your date of birth such as the month of the day and year of birth.
Gender: fill in the gender with the available one.

3. If you have completed your personal data please click Continue  .

4. Next Put no hp / mobile phone number is still active in use for verification yahoo mail account if it is click Continue

5. Check your cellphone and enter the verification code sent by Yahoo Mail if you have click Verify.

6. If you have reached this stage means creating a new e-mail on yahoo has succeeded below this example image, just click   continue.

For those who are still confused how to send an email with Yahoo I have made the tutorial below, see carefully.

How to send an email with Yahoo

1. Go to the compose menu or you can also open this link  https://mail.yahoo.com/d/compose/  to make it simpler.

2. Then select the Write menu in the section for contents with the destination email address and fill in the title and write the description of the message you want to convey.

3. If you just select Send  , you can also add links to gif and emoticon images in the email.

Now you can send emails on Yahoo to friends and relatives all over Indonesia quickly.

So about to make yahoo e-mail and this method can be via computer and cell phone more or less the same, although there are slight differences but the striking looks, you can also visit the yahoo help center to get more information.

So for the Easy Way to Make a Complete New Yahoo Email, hopefully useful, thank you.

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