How to deal with acne

How to deal with acne on the face so that it does not appear again

ojaspro, on this occasion I will share how to deal with acne so it does not appear again and disappear. Everyone must have experienced this, namely there are pimples on his face which makes reducing confidence. Actually acne is growing due to oil on the face where due to facial skin that is susceptible to dirt on the face.

The oil is a fatty acid that arises because a person has many glands (sebaceous glands). These fatty acids are called sebum and sweat glands. The emergence of the oil could be due to hot weather, a state of panic, too tired, or it could be because of being scared. The situation causes a relationship between physical and psychological stress with increased production of sweat and sebum (fatty acids) in both types of glands.

In addition to these causes, acne is also caused by the remnants of cosmetics that are not cleaned so that the remnants will make dust stick to the face. The combination of dust and the remaining complexes then multiply into propionibacterium acnes which will change the sebum fat from liquid form into solid, so it is easy to clog the pores of the face and cause acne.

Four main factors cause acne.

For further and more detailed information, as in the site review site, there are four main factors causing acne, namely;

  • There is a blockage in the pores of the skin by sebum which turns into solid so that it increases sebum production due to hormonal, physical, and psychological conditions. This is if accompanied by a blockage at the estuary of the sebaceous glands, the outflow of sebum will be blocked.
  • Increased population and activity of Propionibacteri acnes which is in the form of bacteria found below the mouth of the sebaceous glands and likes to eat sebum fat
  • Inflammatory reaction due to the invasion of white blood cells around the sebaceous glands that have experienced a dam and finally burst.
  • The contents of the sebum fat spilled into the skin tissue of the hides or dermis, and is considered a foreign object so that the invasion of white blood cells to the place.

Overcoming acne on the face so that it does not appear again
So how do you deal with acne that is on the face so it does not appear again ?, To prevent and deal with acne on the face there are a few tips you need to do, namely:

  • Clean your face from cosmetics before sleeping
  • Avoid sugary and greasy foods
  • Pay attention to nutrition to be balanced, consume enough vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Avoid the use of oily cosmetics
  • Give skin protection from the sun, especially in the summer
  • Don’t stay up late or sleep late
  • Don’t let dirt and dust stay on the surface of the skin
  • Clean and treat facial skin thoroughly

Thus my article on How to Overcome Acne on the Face So It Does Not Appear Again .  Hopefully this article is useful. Amen

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