Tips for Safe and Convenient Online Shopping

Tips for Safe and Comfortable Online Shopping as if it grew into a new lifestyle that makes people addicted, besides convenience, saving time and energy.

But online shopping also needs to be done very carefully, many aspects must be considered before deciding to buy something online.

Here are some online shopping tips from for those of you who like to shop on the internet.

1. Determine the items you want to buy

Make sure you know exactly what you want to buy, and usually this is related to the needs, so find out what you really need, so you can find the right product and not stray and instead buy other items. It’s a good idea before accessing the internet, you first make a list of items that you want to buy.

2. Open the official online shopping site

There are many online store websites on the Internet, but not all are safe, sometimes there are sellers who cheat or even if they don’t cheat but lack professional service. Make sure you buy on a website that has good credibility, you can see testimonials of people who have bought there, even if necessary, before making a transaction make sure whether the website is equipped with https to make it safer.

3. Pay attention to detailed product info

Often people who shop online experience disappointment when the goods arrive at home, apparently not as expected. This can happen if you don’t read carefully the info of the product you bought, most people only see pictures without seeing detailed info.

4. Make sure the internet connection is smooth

When you want to buy online, then make sure your internet connection is in a smooth state and is not disconnected, because it can certainly hamper and even cause transactions to fail. It could be that you feel that you have paid instead are considered as not yet paid, or vice versa.

5. There is a guarantee or not

Make sure the goods you buy are equipped with a warranty, if you buy a cellphone, for example, make sure there is a trademarked cell phone warranty, and not just a guarantee from the store. Likewise with other goods shopping, there is a guarantee it will be better.

6. Make sure the goods purchased are not defective

Make sure that the item you purchased is not damaged, find out also whether you are buying new or used goods. Buy a cellphone for example, make sure the cellphone is not blister.

7. Pay attention to the tracking system

See how long it takes for the product to be purchased to arrive at your place, it would be better if the website provides a tracking system so you can find out how far the item you are buying is.

8. Record the seller’s contact

It’s a good idea to keep track of the contacts that you can contact from the online retailer where you bought, this is important when you buy products from sites like Kaskus where the seller cannot be known in detail.

9. Save proof of transaction

When you have made a transaction, record all proof of the transaction, if necessary take screenshots of each stage of the purchase you make.

Thus a few Tips for Safe and Comfortable Online Shopping . Happy shopping.

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